Wixel SDK
spi1_master.h File Reference
#include <cc2511_map.h>
#include <cc2511_types.h>
#include <spi.h>

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void spi1MasterInit (void)
void spi1MasterSetFrequency (uint32 freq)
void spi1MasterSetClockPolarity (BIT polarity)
void spi1MasterSetClockPhase (BIT phase)
void spi1MasterSetBitOrder (BIT bitOrder)
BIT spi1MasterBusy (void)
uint16 spi1MasterBytesLeft (void)
void spi1MasterTransfer (const uint8 XDATA *txBuffer, uint8 XDATA *rxBuffer, uint16 size)
uint8 spi1MasterSendByte (uint8 XDATA byte)
uint8 spi1MasterReceiveByte (void)
 ISR (URX1, 0)

Detailed Description

For information about these functions, see spi0_master.h. These functions do exactly the same thing as the functions in uart0.h, except they apply to USART1 instead of USART0.

Definition in file spi1_master.h.