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dma.h File Reference
#include <cc2511_map.h>

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Data Structures

struct  DMA14_CONFIG




typedef struct DMA14_CONFIG DMA14_CONFIG


void dmaInit (void)



Detailed Description

The dma.lib library provides basic functions and variables for the CC2511's DMA controller. DMA provides a fast way to copy blocks of data from one memory region or peripheral to another.

Definition in file dma.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


This is the number of the DMA channel we have chosen to use for transmitting and receiving radio packets.

Definition at line 21 of file dma.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct DMA14_CONFIG DMA14_CONFIG

This struct consists of 4 DMA config registers for DMA channels 1-4.

Function Documentation

void dmaInit ( void  )

Initializes the DMA1CFGL and DMA1CFGH registers to point to dmaConfig.

This function is called by systemInit().

Definition at line 7 of file dma.c.

Variable Documentation


This structure in XDATA holds the configuration options for DMA channels 1-4. We have to do it this way because the CC2511's DMA controller expects the configurations of those channels to be next to each other in memory. The configuration of channel 0 can be anywhere. You must call dmaInit() (or systemInit()) for this struct to work.

Definition at line 5 of file dma.c.